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BIG Disappointment


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I'm a PC convert.

I built a 'Hackintosh' via these forums a year or 2 ago.

Bought a MacBook.

Converted from a 20 year + PC Guru to a Mac Newbie.

I'm having all kinds of weird stuff, inconsistencies, etc., with the new Leopard.

I've been 'spreading the word' for all of the old PC die hards that the MAC is the way, and now I feel like a fool.

Lots of issues, hangups, freezes, incompatabilities, etc.

Is it me, or am I misguided?

I love my new 24" iMac, but all of these issues are burning me out.

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In my opinion, Leopard needed another delay. It just does not have that "finished" feel that all of their other releases have.


So much stuff is just not fully implemented, and that which is implemented is buggy at best.


Take Frontrow for example, when connecting over the network to a shared library, it will not display metadata or artwork.


One has to wonder why Apple did not just go with their AppleTV application as it shares so much in common with the new frontrow.


Next up, we have ZFS which like the Airport cards a few months ago requires an "enabler" to use fully. It is completely working as a filesystem, however does not have the integration that one would expect.


Then, we have QuickLook which disables audio in other applications when it runs.


Also, we have a transparent menubar that is not really transparent. Try spawning a window beneath the menubar. You will just see the top of the window cut off. Same thing comes if you are using a third-party desktop background utility rather than the Apple supplied one. The old menubar transparency is retained with the new background.


I could go on, but I am getting bored.

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And I thought it might be me.


(My iMac is a July 2007 version, not the newest version).


I'll keep hanging in there, but Steve Jobs better push his developers a tad harder, as the allure is fading fast.

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I would give it some time as this is the 1st release for multilib n multi platform support. By far i think this is the only os on dual platform distro... Bugs are there thats for sure but if you're only having problem on leopard might just sit back on tiger 1st until the patches arises...


Btw it's a good excercise to report bugs to Distro...


For your hardware what can we say it's mostly made in china nowadays, for me i'll give it sometime...

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