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Inspiron 9400 Issues


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Hey, first time poster, short time reader. Anyways I got my hands on the uphuck release and figured I'd give it a go just for kicks. Now I have only installed on this amd computer before and I didn't do work in the terminal or anything to get it going so my experience with Mac is extremely limited. I'll also say that I followed the Guide for Inspirons to every last word I could.


So, let's get on it the problem.


When I try to boot OSX86 on this laptop, it will boot to white (sometimes coloured) lines running down the screen in a vertical fashion. Different resolutions cause different colours and 1920x1200 causes some flickering as well during this time.


I'm running an Inspiron 9400, 17'' Display with Native Res of 1920x1200, an X1400 Mobility (which I am currently guessing is the problem), a T2600 Core Duo, no Bluetooth and the Dell/Broadcom DraftN wireless card.


Now I know there are problems with the X1400 by default, which is why I assume that it's the problem, so I tried my best to get this baby running using whatever information I could find.


In the end I simply followed exactly what was said in the guide however I hit lines running down the screen. Might as well note that I worked on all the files and everything in single user mode. Not sure if that's the right way to do it but short of using the install cd, it was the only way I could.


I also noticed the guide says that 1400x1050 is the maximum supported resolution at the time of writing, which just all out black screens and then turns to the good ol' white bars during boot might I add. Figured it wouldn't hurt to try it anyways.


Anyways, that is what I'll start with and if anything else is needed to support me, let me know and I'll nab that info.


As a last note, I find it kind of odd that I'm changing the IOPCIMatch key for the X1900 to match my device ID. Naturally I just listened to the guide and replaced where I saw it, which was the first entry. Just felt like voicing my thought there incase it is cause for alarm.


P.S. Sorry if this problem has been addressed already (or confirmed to be unfixable at the moment). Also, I tried mac.nub's iso earlier. Similar issues ensued. It's probably just me but I know this, I can't figure this out by myself.

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My problem was fixed in a genius moment. I should not have selected any display drivers during install. All good now and if things keep going this well, I'll be keeping Windows off of the laptop as much as I can. Not for good though, I use VMWare for college and I don't really feel like paying for fusion (I'll explore that wonderous alternative later) so I need either windows or a linux distro if only for that.


But still, I am loving the chance to learn some things about mac.


EDIT: Since the topic has already been made and I'm not adding a new post, I figure there's no harm in asking if I can keep both cores on without any lagging occuring. Also, is there anyway to stop some of the tearing over the mouse? Other than those two questions, everything else has been awesome.

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