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osx86 Leopard flat image


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Is it possible to install the osx86 Leopard flat image without more than 1 disk in my computer?

Because, sadly, I don't have 2 Hard Drives :(



The image is a complete dump of a disk -it contains everything, boot sector, boot loader, partition information, the partition itself, and a bunch of free space.

You COULD in theory mount this disk image under a functional OS (not windows), then take an image of the HFS+ partition only, then dump that onto a secondary partition on your existing hard drives.


This, however is only half the battle, as you still need to modify your partition table so that it knows about the 2nd partition you made.

Also, you have to get the darwin bootloader in your disk somehow, then get it to boot off of a secondary partition.


Please trust me when I tell you it is NOT worth the trouble and the potential for ruining your existing data is too big.


Why ANYONE would play with something as unsupported as OSx86 and attempt to use anything BUT a blank hard disk is beyond me.

Do yourself a big favor and GET a second hard drive.


They are dirt cheap, you can get a brand new 160gb drive for less than 50 bucks.





I downloaded the flat image but I don't know what to do.. I have a 2,5gb rar file but If i unrar it ... I have a tooo big file without extensions! can anyone explaim me what I should do?



Just follow the instructions for pete's sake. The torrent came with a bunch of BAT files and the DD utility. It also tells you exactly what to do.


You run dd -list to find what the designation of your target disk is, then run the BAT file corresponding to the disk.

The file is 16GB because it is a complete disk image - free space and all. After you dump it onto a disk you will have one 16GB primary partition with about 8GB free space.

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use the DVD, it's easier.



No it's not. I tried patching the DVD and it failed quite miserably, also as far as I could tell, you needed to have 10.4 installed already to even complete the patching.


This flat disk image is as easy as it gets. You dump it onto a drive and boot up with a fully functional Leopard system. The whole process takes about 15 minutes tops.

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I took me 2 hours to copy the resulting 16.2Gb image from one disk to another, at 3Mb/sec read/write speed. But it's worth the hassle. I got a fine running Leopard on an asrock 945-dvi board with natively supported GMA 950.


However, I copied the image from within Tiger to a spare disk. Just remove all partitions from the disk and copy the image with dd:


dd if=imagename of=/dev/rdiskX

(get the correct rdiskX name from diskutility, otherwise you might be copying over something you might not want to loose)



I read that Leopard allows for partitions to be resized, so after copy you have a small partition on the disk, you could enlarge.




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Hey Guys, Ive installed the flat image on any partition size you want and on any partition number. It only needs OS X, no windows no DD. Im putting up a quick guide for it. Leopard install in 10 minutes. YAY! great for testing out or experimenting with the new OS.

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