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Patched for SSE2


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Hi, and sorry for my english.


I wanna patched my Leopard 9A581 GM for SSE2 machine. I used this post to get my work Leopard, but when i create my MACH_KERNEL.HACKED the file is O KB. Why ?. Then i type " hdiutil attach -readwrite $path_to_patch_dvd -owners on" (without quotes) and mounted this image in writable mode (ok) . When I type cd /Volumes/xxx get


adams-computer:/Volumes/Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_x86 root#


and that is work. But when i typing "mv mach_kernel mach_kernel.sse3" i see again adams-computer:/Volumes/Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_x86 root# and typing cp /Users/adam/Desktop/mach_kernel and see ...


usage: cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-f | -i | -n] [-pv] src target

cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-f | -i | -n] [-pv] src1 ... srcN directory


what's that? i must do something whit this?


mach_kernel.sse3 still in my disc and mach_kernel(hacked still not copy. Help what wrong with this? Thank's for answers.


I know, i must extract kernel "from my untouched dvd dmg, but when i type cd /Volumes/whatever_volue_of_the_dmg i have


adams-computer:/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD adam$


and when im type


adams-computer:/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD adam$ "ls"


i see


Applications Volumes sbin

Install Mac OS X.app bin tmp

Instructions dev usr

Library etc var

Optional Installs mach_kernel

System private


My kernel is not extract, i don see him on the disc. Help ? Some command ?

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