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got 10.4.9 installed and now..


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I feel like a real weiner for using pirated software, how do I report all of you to the authorities?



Seriously though, I got my hands on this installer disk that has a 10.4.9 patch on the second dvd (along with apps like imovie/ iphoto).   it looks like it was repacked by somebody, im in pirates of the mediterrainian, where you just go to a store and buy pirated knock offs of everything. I'm still waiting for the Xfox 360.   :wacko:   [little joke]  


anyway, is there anyway i can get the video card recognized and sound card, yadda yadda yadda, basically can i turn it into mac.nub's to some extent?


obviously i missing those nifty extras, so if i tell ya my specs, could i get em perchance?


im using 946gzis p4 3ghx [x means its way faster than yo momma] nvidia 7600gs [pci-e] 

and i'd like to know how to mac spoof on mac. (ha!)   i mean Media Access Contro..  spoof on mac, since it's seeing my onboard nic just fine.  umm, what else, oh yea, a soccer ball, a new bike and definitely a red ryder bb gun [you'll shoot your eye out, kid!]


And if it's possible can I have it sent to my table?



[thanks for reading up to this point, it shows commitment]

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