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HELP - Garageband vs. Leopard vs. CoreMidiServer.Framework


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Hi All


I need help with this. I migrated everything from Tiger to Leopard, and installed developer tools - Now my Garageband with all 6 jam packs wont startup, it shows the loader bar and just stand there loading - then i wait for 20 mins and nothing happens - then i press cmd+alt+esc and it tells me that the program garageband is not responding. This is the same with all other audio programs (Pro Tools, Logic Express) and the same with midi devices in /applications/utilities


I get half a second bouncing icon from CoreMidiServer.Framework every 10 seconds and then it disappers again for 10 seconds...


I hope you can help....?






ps. my system conf :

iMac 24" (White One - the big one)

1024 ram

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