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Booting Problem.


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hey there i have just installed leopard sucessfully but when i goto boot this i get ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM,i also have windows xp installed if set the windows xp partition to active OS X will not boot with chain 0 i get the chain booting error and install dvd dosnt work also, if set the os x partiton active i get the error loading operating system and will boot with the install dvd but then my windows xp will not work.


computer specs

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13ghz

Asus P5LD2 VM SE

Hitachi 160gb Sata Harddrive

Partition 1[Windows XP]

Partition 2[OS X]


thanks for your help.

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do this:


1. erase the leopard partition with disk utility from your active tiger OS

2. install a fresh tiger OS on the leopard partition (i used XxX)

3. boot into your activ tiger OS and erase all the files on the leopard partition (do not erase with disk util)

4. install leopard on that partition

5. do the post-patch on your active tiger

6. boot leopard


it solved the "ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM" for me.. probably there are other ways to do it..

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