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Mac Pro bootcamp woes


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I had installed the retail version of leopard yesterday... Which i might add that I enjoyed thoroughly! However, this morning I had a hankering to play some Windows based games. So I went ahead and used boot camp.... Everything seemed to start off swimmingly with repartioning my drive. (Also took heed on keeping the new partition as FAT32 and not NTFS) Got to the point where Windows was copying files necessary for setup and finished. Rebooted my computer to begin setup and of course the cd was still in the drive so I got the infamous "Press any key to boot from CD" so i waited and received the msg "DISK ERROR" my system was completely locked up. So i held the power button in for 5 seconds to shut off the computer and tried restarting it. Now all i get is no video signal and the steady flashing light on the front of the Mac Pro (fans and drives are powering up). I've tried the following to resolve the issue (all resulting in the same black screen):


1) Held down "C" and booted up with my leopard install disc in the drive

2) Held down the option button to specify the boot device

3) Removed internal battery and held the power button on for 5 seconds to clear

4) Resetting the PRAM with command, option, p, and r keys pressed

5) Tried a different monitor (off another working computer)

6) Held down the shift key while booting up


No success! Like i said before i hear the drives spinning and fans humming just fine. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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apple article addressing the issue we both seem to have. this article's fix worked for me; it just simply says when you begin the installation of windows, make sure after you select which partition to install windows on [i.e. C:, if you used bootcmap partition], select C: and then MAKE SURE TO FORMAT the drive [again, yes, i know its dumb].


and then the windows will install, and reboot and you won't see the "disk error -- press any key to restart" message ANY MORE!

all i can say to leopard thus far is grrrrrh, its sexy but quite a rough beast.


here is another problem I ran into: after installing windows, insert the leopard CD to install the bootcamp drivers. it autoplays from windows desktop and runs all the fun for you.



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