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Acer Deal for friend

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My friend wants to get a new system he doesn't want to build the system. I don't have the time to

build the system. I have a mac. He wants to try out OSX on his computer he wants to buy. I want to

get a system that is compatible for OSX out of the box. My friend doesn't want to spend to much.

He just wants a system for his TV like a media center a.k.a Frontrow not much for use I think.


Am new here in this community I guess am a noob.


I check out the wiki for compatible hardware

He was talking about to get a Emachine the one I recommend that

work with OSX is this one ;



I'm kinda think you he should go with this one ;


Not bad for this one I prefer a Dual Core system [sSE3]later I think he should upgrade to core2duo. Are these specs compatible with OSX any good.

My idea later was to Install leopard on it he wants to try out OSX lastest and greatest what do you think?

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Hey guys I made up my mind. I have a friend that will build one for him check out out

the wish list ;



Not Bad. I think it overall bets the Intel Cerlon D. He can always add in a real graphics card in the furture besides

the Intel GMA and upgrade the ram. I think is a perfect buy ? Right works out of the box.

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