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iTunes Scrollbars

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If you navigate to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreUI.framework/Versions/A/Resources/AquaUI.bundle/Contents/Recipes,there is a file there describing scrollbars called scrollbars.xml. If you open it with Property List Editor, there are a whole lot of options that I think may be useful for anyone trying to make the scrollbars look itunesy. I'm not a code junkie, and I'm sure that there are probably quite a few on this forum. If anyone could help me try to get itunes scrollbars in leopard by checking it out I'd be grateful.


Also, in the resources of AquaUI.bundle there are tons of images. I think I found the ones referring to scrollbars:

seperator-b_a.png - aqua

seperator-b_c.png - inactive

seperator-b_g.png - graphite


I changed these in both AquaUI.bundle, and the other bundle in CoreUI.framework, LeopardUI.bundle, to no avail after restarting.


I think that if we found some similar bundles inside iTunes.app etc. we could copy some stuff over and hopefully it would change.


Do you guys reckon its possible to change the scrollbars for the better, and if so how?

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In the iPhoto Resources there's Scroller_Vertical-fill-N.tiff, Scroller-bottomCap-N.tiff & Scroller-topCap-N.tiff that seem to be the scroll bar there. Don't know what to do with them...

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Well, first thing to do would be to convert the TIFFs into PNGs and then modify the scrollbars.xml file to reflect the new resources.


Either that, or you can just replace the originals with your newly created ones (not recommended).

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i believe those xml items just refer to the choice made in the appearance pref pane. the actual scrollbar parts themselves have to be changed.

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