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Coheed & Cambira Poll!

Coheed And Cambria  

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  1. 1. Why do you listen to Coheed and Cambria?

    • Music
    • Concept
    • Both
    • Claudio's voice is too whiny/he has no man parts and sings like a girl.

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With the release of the new Coheed album, I started pondering....

It's beyond me to follow the story. I don't read the "Graphic Novels." They contain a lot of the story. I read through a good bit of it on Cobalt and Calcium, and it's just too much. And I'm a huge prog fan. There's just too many characters and little subplots, and the deteur that was most of Good Apollo Vol. 1. Right now, I'm listening to Claudio's solo project (Prize Fighter Inferno), and even that is tied into the story....


Do any of you follow the concept closely? Or is it all about the music?

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I really loved Second Stage Turbine Blade. I saw them once at UCONN and they were great. When I saw them a few months or maybe a year later in Poughkeepsie, Claudio's voice wasn't too hot. Maybe it had something to do with them touring with Codeseven. Back when I smoked weed, The Coheed guys came to see Codeseven play at F.I.T in New York. I smoked with a couple of the Coheed guys, and my C7 friends, but I'm pretty sure I saw Claudio smoking a newport outside before the show.

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I have a little coheed & cambria as i heard - i think it was 'the second stage turbine blade'? not the full LP but enough to make me want to listen to it more, since then i have 'got' several LP's but never seem to get the time to listen to them all or i get a odd song when shuffling music..

There is something about the music... I must set time to listen to more!

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