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Kalyway 10.4.10 Successful with 8600GT


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Hi, Successfully installed kalyway 10.4.10 on my gig

MSI 945GM3-F

Intel E2140 CPU



Liteon LH20A1H

MSI 8600GT 256MG (PCIe16)


LAN works out from box with R1000 option selected on install

HD 2Ch(so far) Audio works out from box with Azalia option selected on install

VGA works with Software supported CI but QI not supported.

I can live with this except for the screen resolution set at 1280x768 Fixed.

Will try to mod the plist today.


People were saying that 8600GT does not install, but to my surprise it does install although crippled.

I tried the 1.0.81 Macvidia driver but it crashed the whole system, ended up reinstalling the whole gig


Kalyway 10.4.10 is the latest (September version) I know.


ANY of you have better idea for 8600GT VGA yet? :rolleyes:

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People don't say that, don't confuse things, you can install with 8600, 8800, 8400 but one thing is installing and another get Quartz Extreme and Core Image Supported.


VESA mode are supported in the majority of graphics cards

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Sorry for the confusion..

Went through reading Gotoh's thread from June upto now.

My 8600 install is Vesa mode (Crappy)

I feel humiliated. Please understand I'm a newbee here.

Just purchased a 8600GT but seems like i'll still have to wait.

had I got a 8800 I could have tried out Mac.Nub's install DVD.

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Don't be.


I think that 8400 and 8600 will have QE and CI, maybe with Leopard, or with Tiger in future hardware upgrades on Apple Macs, I remember when my 6600 had only VESA Mode. Don't loose hope. Just be patient.

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