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help me dual boot vista osx86


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hi i need help dual booting vista and osx86

i will make it real simple


ok first are my specs


pentium d 3.0 ghz - hungs if i dont apply cpus=1 but its fixed

2 gb memory - no problem

board sse2 sse3 compatible

geforce 7900 gs - ok if use cpus=1 solution


ok my current os is vista


when i use dikpart then list partitions


the order are as follows


5. extended

3. logical

4. logical

1. primary (vista)

2. primary (osx86)


ok this is how i did my partition used diskpart then create partition id=af

installtaion went well


ok this my condition


set vista as active: can boot vista cannot boot osx

set osx86 as active dvd inserted: can boot osx cannot boot in vista

set osx86 as active dvd installer not inserted: cannot boot into both


used chain0 method chain booting error - i think because its under an extended partition??

used easybcd 7.0 6.0 5.2 all versions doesnt work chain booting error again tried deleting chain0 from my c: nothing


if anyone know how to dual boot ths i appreciate ur help guys

one more thing im willing to installosx again is there a program that can make an hfs partition and arrange it ? so that it wond be under an extended partition? tnx

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Search for a free program called EasyBCD, install it on Vista ( Vista must be your boot drive ) launch the program, it have a section to ad new systems, click add and the program is going to detect Mac OS X, you can even change the primary system to boot. Have luck. :rolleyes:

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