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Freezing when erasing partition


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Hi Guys,

Been following this great project for a while now and only just got around to trying it and of course it isn't going as planned :(


I got uphuck 10.4.9 DVD and my specs are below








Partitions are as follows


Primary 1 : 97.65GB (it was supposed to be 100GB) Windows XP

Primary 2 : 97.66GB Windows Vista

Primary 3 : 97.58GB HFS (created using Discpart in XP and set active)

Extended Partition made up of Linux Swap/root/Home for the remaining space.


Grub loader from Linux allows me to select any of the 3 installed OS'es and works.


The fun as you can imagine is when trying to install OSX. The DVD boots fine and goes through the motions, when asking where to install it shows no disc, so I open the drive editor (cant remember the name of it) and select the HFS partition. It shows as HFS but says there is an error so I try to erase and it.............does nothing. My HDD light comes on and then the apple colured circle comes on my screen, but that is it.

I though I was being impatitent so I left it over night last night and it still had the little circle going but did nothing in the morning!


Is this a support issue, i.e. it doesnt like my board/partitions/HDD or is it just one of those things and I should maybe try another installer? I read good things about the uphuck version which is why I thought I'd try it.


Any help will be appreciated guys.


Thanks in advance.

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