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Does the kernel influence the graphic driver ?


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Does the kernel have an influence on the choice of graphic driver ?


I have done a success installation with the Jas 1.4.8 PPF1&PPF2. If i selected, the NV40 (titan) patch, i was abble to change the resolution and i have QE.


I have done a clean installation too with the XxX 1.4.10 (universal kernel 8.9.1). Without titan (or natit), it is ok.

If i choose the Titan (w or w/o AGPGard), my installation goes well but on the first boot, i have the classical message (you must reboot ....) due to a graphical problem.

I have tried with NVinject or Natit, same result.


So, the choice of kernel does make any differences on the graphic driver ?

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