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Help Installing OSX PLEASE!


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Complete n00b here and im stuck.


Right ill rundown what Iv done.


1) I "acquired" the latest tubgirl release

2) Partitioned my Windows OS harddrive into a 2 40GN partitions. The first one being my regular ntfs Windows Partition. The other into a FAT32 partition (Primary) so I could change to the Mac OS extention later.

3) Restarted PC with the bootdisc in.

4) Installer started with no problems.

5) Went into Disk Utilities and tried to convert my FAT32 partition into the Mac Extended (Journal)

6) Recieved an error message saying it couldnt do it. (Volume Erase Error).


Now, I have got the installer running perfectly so there cant be a problem with my hardware? I am using an SATA drive. Could this be the problem? Id really like to install OSX as id love to try out Logic Studio.



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