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[How To] use the Figerprint Scanner (Biometrics Coprocessor) of the Dell XPS M1330

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I've got the same chip and the same problem, +1


I've got that chip too, same problem..... :thumbsup_anim:


edit: Just found out that Sony (I've got a Sony Vaio SZ650n) uses custom firmware for the fingerprint reader....Installing the Protector Suite from Upek doesn't work even though the product ID and the Vendor ID are listed in the Info.plist in /Applications/Protector Suite/Protector Suite.app/Contents/Info.plist.........

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Hahaha MacGirl this is brilliant.. and funny ;)

I never thought we'd get out fingertips to login on mac os x too :)

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The upek software made the fingerprint sensor work in my Lenovo X61 when I installed iatkos i5 however after updating to 10.5.6 the device disappeared (upek software cannot find it anymore) and bluetooth went away too. Looks like the system is not recognising all what is hanging from the USB. Deleting DSDT.AML did nothing. Has anyone found a solution for this? What Kexts should I try to recover from 10.5.5 ?






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Any workaround for this? I have the same "Can not recognize device" problem.

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Hi there. I have M1530 XPS with snow leopard. everything works except this sensor. ( i already tested it working in windows 7 before )

it does not snow in system profiler (under usb). Any suggestion to make it work ?



installed from upek the software and it tells me the device is not detected.

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device is not detected but if i install something and swipe my finger something comes up with a error, Hmmm Its on a Acer 6930 under 10.6.3/SL, Will try out on 10.5.7 ;)



PS for Mac 2.0 beta build 61

(English only)

Release date: 5/6/2010 Revision: 2.0 beta Build: 61 Filename: ProtectorSuite-2.0.61-beta.dmg File size: 6458279 bytes Platform(s): Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Target hardware: General/not specified Release note: PS for Mac 2.0 (beta)


New major features:

- online SW update checking

- sensor sharing among multiple processes

- support for Mac OS 10.6.x (aka Snow Leopard)

- guest user support (since Mac OS 10.5.x)



- English only (resources of other languages are stripped out)

- Application help and user guide are slightly outdated.

- When changing the login policy (options "Swipe OR password",

"Swipe only" or "Swipe AND password), the setting is not

refreshed immediately in case there is already some

authentication running at the same moment.

- The biometry is still active on background even if screensaver is


- A non-admin user has access to the Global settings in the

administrative application. However, any changes performed

by such a user have no effect.

- Some buttons on the login window may be in incorrect state

after wake-up from computer sleep. (E.g. they may be

displayed disabled when they should be active.)

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I can't find on the site this program anymore.

Upek was acquired by Authentec in September 2010.

Authentec was acquired by Apple in July 2012.

Both Upek and Authentec websites are down.


Came across the last/latest Protector suite 2.0 beta version uploaded to OSX latitude site.


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