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Is my PC compatible?

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I just wanna ask if my PC's compatible with the Phenix 10.4.1 OS X. These are my PC components:

-Pentium 4 1.7Ghz on an 845G motherboard.

-256MB DDR RAM 266MHz

-ATI Radeon 9600 SE 128MB

-40GB hard disk

-and a 15" CRT monitor if y'all wanted to know.

Its five years old and i don't expect much from it and I'm broke. Maybe another piece of RAM is affordable for me. But does it runs OS X 10.4.1 fine?



Is there any other place to the phenix image file other that torrents, because i'm downloading it for 0.5kB per second.

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Firstly why on earth are you downloading 10.4.1!? It is the most buggy version available. Stop the download now.

Then search for "Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3" (This is OS X 10.4.9) and find the torrent, download and burn to a DVD.


No idea about the graphics card off the top of my head, but the rest of it should be fine, if your P4 is SSE2 only (not SSE3) make sure to select the SSE2 or Universal Kernel during install.



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