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I need help again (Safari)


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I was surfing the internet a bit with the Safari 3 beta (Version 3.0.3 (522.12.1) to be precise) and suddenly I recognized this awesome (lol) shiny brushed metal bar at the bottom of the window. Normally there is no such thing in Safari I thought. I had missed it a bit when I switched from OS 9 to OS X back when I still used IE because it was fun to watch when a page was loaded, but also very useful when I wanted to preview links.


To make a small story short: I need this bar!


I've included a screenshot so you can actually SEE what i mean. ["ain't that awesome!?" -Steve Jobs, WWDC '06, I think]





Ok. Thanks in advance.




PS: Please excuse my bad English if you should encounter any mistakes, for I'm still learning it at school (I'm from Germany)

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