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kalyway 10.4.10 SSE3 install hangs?

The Turtle

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I've got an eMachines T3612 (Celeron D/3.46ghz, 512M RAM) on which I've previously installed JaS, but it was 10.4.1 or something about as old. Still, it booted and still does. I got the Kalyway 10.4.10 SSE3 package and burned it to DVD. It boots, but hangs permanently after the system does checks for ACPI. I've let it sit for half an hour or more, and it never progresses beyond that. What are the likely things to check for?


CPU-Z reports that the eMachines is definitely SSE2 and SSE3, which was my first suspicion, and nothing panics, it just never completes the boot off the DVD. Any suggestions?

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