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Uninstalling a graphics kext


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I've jst installed JaS 10.4.7 On a Dell Insiron 6400 notebook specs are as follows:


Intel CoreDuo 1.8Ghz

2Gb 553Mhz DDR2

100Gb HDD (20gigs Mac, 80 NTFS)

Intel GMA950

Broadcom wireless (heh, it works 150% out of the box WEP and all XD)


I know the 950 will have full QE/CI but the graphics would not load without the GMA900 Kext, and with it i would get KP's. Finally i got it working where i can work on it, but the graphics are not working good at all, its choppy safari and such won't open, it's completely unfunctional, how can i uninstall the GMA900 kext and install one for a 950?

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