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Does a GeForce 6500 128MB work with Natit and QE & CI

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I'm looking for a new PCI-E graphics card that supports Quartz Extreme and Core Imaging for my OSx86 machine, I have a really tight budget, and would like to find a graphics card that will work with iLife applications. I need to replace a GeForce 8500GT, and I have read the HCL [sic] compatibility list, and cannot find specifically the 6500, but the 6500GT supposedly is fully supported.


Can anyone tell me whether the straight GeForce 6500 (not 6500GT) or a "Albatron 7300GT" (GeForce 7300GT) will work with QE and Core Image - it would be great to get some feedback, or else a card which supports QE and CI and is cheap.

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