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Things you don't like about 9a559


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No doubt that 9a559 represents a big step forward, but there is still much room for improvements. I thought maybe we can talk about things we really hate about this release... Anyway, here's my list:


1. Sheet


The position of sheet on windows has changed... They used to pop out from right underneath the title bar; no longer...




I definitely prefer the original behavior.


2. Spotlight UI


Spotlight is now blazingly fast. But I miss the old spotlight window, in which everything is so clearly grouped. But now, everything is just mingled together. How does that help me find the information? [i know i can further filter the result, or sort things by kinds, etc. But I just really miss the old ui..]




3. Menu


Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the menu bar is too pale/white?




4. Buttons in Mail and Preview


They just don't look right to me...




5. Stacks


1) A new Finder windows opens when clicking on a folder in a stack.

2) Only a maximum of 79 items can be displayed in a grid...

3) This is what happens when you add another item into a Stack:




Anyone agrees? That'd make me feel slightly better...

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I posted this on another forum, Neowin. These are the main things I don't like.


I don't like the non-rounded corners on the menu bar. It doesn't look right especially since all app windows and the finder windows have rounded corners.


The Front Row transition is just a plain boring fade to black now. Not like the desktop zoom we currently have in Tiger :( WTF?


Stacks is cool. But the font used is wrong, it looks like Arial and is not the standard system font.


The damn calculator widget still has the corrupt skin. This has been the same since the launch of Tiger. :(


Cover flow is nice but I think its overkill for the Finder. Its a neat addition to iTunes but I just find it cumbersome in Finder windows.


Full screen windows look horrible against the 3D Dock.


The shadows behind the Dock icons look wrong, especially against lighter backgrounds.


The iCal dynamic date update only happens to the Dock icon and not the app icon.


The Dock looks pants on the sides of the screen and also you cannot configure how to view a Stack while the Dock is on the side. It always defaults to "Grid" mode and the "View as" option is not available. :(


The icons in the Stack menu when viewed as a fan have jaggy edges and are not anti-aliased.


The Dock icon reflections are misplaced when the Dock is a smaller size than the default. The reflections appear underneath the icon. :P


The Aqua scrollbars and buttons etc need to go. The don't fit at all with the new unified theme and look out of place.






















Anyway. I hope there is another seed of Leopard before GM or at least the GM version is different.

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4. Buttons in Mail and Preview , 2. Spotlight UI


It definitely need some improvement. Buttons are horrible ( if not EXTREMELY UGLY ) and Spotlight Ui is a step backward.


However i think Leopard is still a great release. I would have expect more but looking at Vista leopard suddenly looks ten times better even with these annoyance.

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NTFS-3g and MacFuse seem to be broken due to the new way OSX handles NTFS volume names by placing a "-n" in front of the volume name.


Also I agree with Krazied

"The Front Row transition is just a plain boring fade to black now. Not like the desktop zoom we currently have in Tiger WTF?"


Maybe they will more polish to it in the coming days.

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i find that my computer is getting too hot since i use leopard compares with 10.4.10> Am I the only one ?


I removed AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext (and Extensions.mkext) and CPU went 10 deg down

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In Stacks, if there's a folder present and you click it, it opens up in Finder, instead of inside the Stacks grid. 9a466 (WWDC build), the Folder inside a Stacks grid opened in the same Stacks grid, the only bad thing was you couldn't go back up a directory.



Drag your Application folder to the Dock.

Click it, click Utilities . . .BANG Finder opens up. DUMB.


In 9a466 (WWDC build), do the same thing and the Utilities folder opens in the same Stacks/Grid/Window, the bad thing you just could go back to Applications.


This really makes me mad. Only because it "was" there, not perfect yet, and now its completely gone. That's just not cool. In Tiger I have my Application folder there, and I can use it similar to a WinBlows start task bar. SORRY, sorry for the reference, but that method saves a lot of junk in my dock.


Also, in Stacks if you do have you App folder there and you add a new app, the icon doesn't update. The icon is the default "application" icon (paper-document-looking thing w/ the "A" spelled out from a brush/pencil/ruler). In order for that icon to be normal, you have to re-add the folder again.




Stacks for me is really frustrating cause its just not "as designed" like it was showed to us during the WWDC. I REALLY hope this is 100% perfect before release. But looking at 9a500n, 9a527, and 9a559. . .nadda.




"MY" iTunes bug, I'm sure its just me, but 320 AAC songs won't play after one another. (Can't listen to a ripped album in other words, I can listen to song by themselves, but not in a row) The stoplight glyphs need to be updated too, to the "too bright but yet satisfying new glyphs". I know, I know, iTunes is different, but still that needs to be updated.



I thought spotlight now indexes mapped drives? Thought Steve-o said that in the WWDC? Well, mine certainly doesn't.



Needs a speed boost in general, seemed faster on the first initial release (Ver 3.0).



Dock icons shadows look absolutely Hideous on a light background. Like embarrassingly bad, like joke bad.


And lastly. . .


Yes you are 100% correct, the transitional fade between Frontrow and the OS is absolutely {censored} compared to the current version. I'll never forget when Steve-o pressed that button during the WWDC and I watched the whole Desktop "Move to the background" as Frontrow "took center stage". That was awesome eye candy, and that still gets the WinBlow users everytime. I'm proud of that eye candy as its very creative and unique.


But honestly overall this OS will be bought hands down on the day of release. The overall changes have been absolutely brilliant and worth my hard earned money. Honestly. . .I'm just so excited to have a tabbed Terminal its not funny. To me, that's the biggest winner. (UNIX-geek, sorry).


Most of the stuff in my complaints is cosmetic and really worthless. But the stuff that makes my job difficult, aka that Stacks grip above, and my iTunes issue needs to be addressed, I know I'm not alone. Personally, I jumped in on the Mac wagon when they went to the UNIX kernel, and I think they're changes like 10.2.7 to 10.2.8 have been brilliant. Panther was one of the best OS upgrades they've ever done GUI-wise, I mean that GUI was extremely polished between the two. Panther to Tiger, eh, nothing like losing the metal half way through its duration and not sending out a simple fix via Software Update to make it "Unified". (Insert plug for UNO). Now, Leopard is just not that level of perfection in its polished looks as their previous OS upgrades have been. I really hope they continue to work on that before release. But again, that's just looks, the real meat and potatoes are brilliant.


Glad someone opened a thread like this. Lets all just keep in mind, THIS IS BETA!



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to fix the Safari download bug, i've downloaded the nightly webkit and it's been great with that.


the stacks grids and fans work fine with dock magnification off, it's just when magnification is on that they go off the end of the screen when following cursor movement. blech.


the one useful tip i'd share is to right-click on Downloads in the dock, and change it from View as -> Automatic, to View as -> fan and Sort by -> Name to Sort by -> Date Added. might easier to see what you downloaded last.


as for the dock, i'd advise the darkest desktop background possible until apple fixes those blotchy shadows.

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One glaring bug i realise is that when u make a nice formatted pages document, and u try and quickview it, you will realise that all the formatting is all screwed up.. everything is garbled.. so much for quickview..

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Important note: I hate upgrades, so I always clean-install any and every OS. Sorry, that's just me. I love formating my disks ;-P


First of all, my Safari works perfectly. Never had a single issue with it. It hasn't crashed, and ALL the files download the right way. Any files. Torrent files, documents, PDFs, you-name-it.


I hate that for some strange reason my Airport doesn't detect any wireless network, be it unlocked or not. I hate having a Cat-5 cable run through my living-room. On the other hand, we all know LAN is almost twice as fast a 802.11b/g, so I'm happy.


I absolutely HATE the new shadows that windows cast. They look awful, especially on white-ish backgrounds. I would prefer the radius stay the same, but make it more opaque. Not spread the radius and retain the transparency level of the shadow.


The Dock.. Well.. Umm.. OK lets move on, shall we.. No? OK.. Reflections; yeah, as if I like reading the text upside-down off of the dock instead of reading it in the Application window.. Come on! There are better ways to show off Core Image and Core Animation!


Spaces transitions. Too simple. And yes, I'm expressing my opinion here, so you might as well sit at the back and let me finish, otherwise move on to the next post. I wanted more eye-candy.


FrontRow transitions.. Fade to Black? Yeah, OK.. Duhh.. Where exactly are "Wow!!" and "Do that again!!" and "Man, I want one of those! Can the MacMini do that? I'll buy one any day just for that!!" that I used to hear from my friends when doing the Tiger FrontRow magic in front of them??? Nowhere, I know..


FrontRow. Again. This UI is supposed to be viewed on my 20" iMac when I lye across the room on my couch, right? I need to find my dad's looking-class to see the time bar when I play a song. Or the Album Title. Oh, wait! From time to time it flips the cover art of the song! Whoa!! This is Core Image? No kidding! How long did it take them to pull this off? Are we serious here?


STILL NO CONSISTENCY!!! Launch iTunes and Safari. Give focus to iTunes (ie click on it). Now take focus off from it. Notice anything? No? Yeap, you are 100% right.

Do the same on Safari. Safari and many other Apps change color when you take the focus off from them. They inherit a lighter gray color on their windows.


Scrollbars. OK, you've said that. I couldn't agree more.


And last (for now), Leopard is designed for the new aluminum Macs. The black Apple on the Apple Menu and all this grey-ish plastic everywhere looks misplaced against my clean, white iMac.


And an extra. I ABSOLUTELY HATE that Apple know that we are right on many things, YET THEY DO NOTHING.. They know for e.g. that we are right about the scrollbars (random example).



Best regards from Greece...

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I really find annoying and unpleasant the fact that the icon in the dock keep changing according to the last added (either in STACKS and in APPLICATIONS).

Why the hell if I choose to customize an icon because it reminds me what's inside (games, pics, docs, icons or whatsoever) must it change whenever I add something inside the folder????? This is absolutely absolutely nagging me!

Anyone think the same? and anyone has thought or found a workaround?

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I don't like the fact that help windows always stay on top of all other windows in Leopard and don't behave like normal windows. Especially on small screens like my girlfriend's macbook that's just ;)


And while the menubar looks ok now, apart from the missing rounded corners and the not-so-refined-as-before apple menu icon, the dock is still butt-ugly. And it uses up more space. :wallbash:


Apart from that, the missing 'secret features' and the not-yet-unified look, leopard's great. :rolleyes:;)



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