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MSI P965 Neo. Again.

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I want to is there is a somewho lucked with this mobo, excepting user adurbe.


I have a Samsung SATA DVD Writer, and a Samsung 300 Gb HD.


All connected to to ICH8 SATA ports.


All Jas distros even not booting (root device).

Uphuck 1.3 not booting too.

I was so happy when booted installer from uphuck v1.4i r3.

But then installed OSX won't boot.

When i installing Natit the system saying to reboot PC.

When installing w/o Natit i getting still waiting the root device.

I think the promblem in the ICH8 drivers. Coz in the r3 you can't select which driver need to install.

And browsing in HFS+ partition under the Linux in the /System/Library/Extensions i can't find a ICH8 kext.

I don't now how is named but kext with the ich8 in the name i can't find.


Pls help me I playing with the osx86 half of the year.


Maybe uphuck v1.4i r2 will work? Or XxX?

I need the answer cox i can't download all distros (bad inet connection).

And with all distros i need go to friend to download a iso.


Sorry for my English.


Thanks, Alex.

My full system conf:

MSI P965 Neo

Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 4 mb

1024 Mb RAM

ATI X1600 Pro PCI-E

300 GB Samsung HD

Samsung SATA DVD Writer

Kworld TV-card

USB Kbd&Mouse

HP Scanner

Lexmark 3-in-1

Dial-up modem (yes is my way to internet ^_^ )

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For example: iDeneb v1.3 works fine for this mb,

you have to choose all the chipset drivers, and all the kernels.


Which were the chipset drivers and kernels that worked? (Obviosly video card kernels etc might be different, but just for the motherboard which ones worked for you?)

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