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Apple seeds ZFS Read/Write Developer Preview 1.1 for Leopard

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Straight from MacRumors:


Apple has seeded version 1.1 of ZFS for Mac OS X to Developers this week. The preview updates a previous build released on June 26, 2007.


In the release notes, Apple confirms that the original release of Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) will only offer Read-Only ZFS. As a result, no ZFS pools or filesystems can be modified or created under 10.5.0. This developer's preview enables full read/write capability, including the creation/destruction of ZFS pools and filesystems.


ZFS is described as "a fundamentally new approach to data management. We've blown away 20 years of obsolete assumptions, eliminated complexity at the source, and created a storage system that's actually a pleasure to use."

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This is a very exciting time. Maybe I'll tell my child, "You know, when I was your age, ZFS didn't even exist!" "How is that possible, Dad? It's been around forever because it's so awesome."


Okay, I exaggerated a tiny bit but the fact is that this is a huge change that will affect the next 20+ years of computing, even personal (not just server-level).

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@celebi23, I think you get this update if you are running Leopard and use software update, it won't be released as a torrent.


@nato64. Yes this is huge news. 128 bit storage with advanced features. It's just insane.

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