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Extremely Slow USB Transfers

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I've searched and checked all the stickies pertaining to this issue. My USB works, as my iPod is recognized, but data transfer is incredibly slow. I read the sticky on USB, downloaded the appropriate drivers for 10.4.10, and installed them. Unfortunately, speed has not increased, and data transfer is still incredibly slow. My system profiler lists 2 used USB ports: my mouse and iPod. Both are listed as "Up to 12 MB/s", thus, not hi-speed. I would be fine with this, if my iPod actually transferred data at 12 MB/s. Instead, it feels more around 1/2 MB/s.


Does anyone have a solution to this, or have the same problem? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Provide us more info.


For starters, be specific. I assume when you say you did "the sticky" thread, you mean the PCGenEHCI fix?


Is this onboard USB or a PCI based USB card?

What chipset do you have for the above?

Are there any messages in dmesg after you plug in a device?

Have you tried all USB ports?

Is this through a USB hub?

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Thank you for the response.


I was referring to http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=21487, or the "10.4.7 USB FIXED" thread. I just found the PCGenEHCI fix, but it doesn't seem to have a link for 10.4.10. I will download the 10.4.9 version, but I will hold off on installing it.


This is on board USB.

I am using a NF4 chipset.


After I plug in a USB device, and I run sudo dmesg, there are no new messages at first. I then unplugged the USB cord from my computer, and replugged it back in. After the device showed up on my desktop, I reran dmesg. The message, "disk1s2: media is not present." came up.


I have tried all my USB ports.

This is not through a USB hub.


I read some more threads, and I checked for AppleUSBEHCI.kext, which I don't have (never deleted it, it must never have been installed in the first place?). However, all my USB works, except for two things. I had to replug in my mouse the very first time I booted OSX (not anymore), and all my USB ports are capped at 12 MB/S, or USB 1.1. I know I have USB 2.0, as my XP partition copies files to my iPod very quickly.


For now, I will be using USB 1.1 speeds. I may chance an installation of USBEHCI-2.7.0, which is for 10.4.9.





EDIT - I just found AppleUSBEHCI and AppleUSBOHCI in Extensions in my System Profiler. Am I to remove these? If I did, wouldn't my current USB porst cease to function?


By the way, I ran sudo dmesg | grep USB, and I got:


USB0: family specific matching fails

USB2: family specific matching fails

USBF: 30.749 AppleUSBOHCI[0x34fe000]::start OHCI controller will be unloaded across sleep

USB0: family specific matching fails




EDIT 2 - Issue was resolved. Thank you for your help.

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Sure guys, in the PCGenEHCI thread, a person posted links to a version of the drivers he altered for 10.4.10. Search for "PCGenEHCI", find a thread with drivers up to 10.4.9, and go to the last page of that thread. Somewhere near there, there should be links to the fixed drivers.


Good luck!

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