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GA-P35-DS3 slow sata ICH9/small partition! :(


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2 things, when installing osx86 it recognised my 2 250gb sata's as 127gb, so installed it anyway, when osx finished and booted, the drives were shown as 250gb, now, how can i extend the partition, disk utilitly didnt let me do anything, what can i do? make a image of the drive, and copy it to another? my other hdd has xp on it!


Also, my sata drives are slow, scoring a 60 in xBench, i did some searching through the forums with JMicron, but it seems its only for ICH8, and i have ICH9, is there anything i can do, or am i just to wait till somthing pops up, thanks!


also, where do i change the startup programs, ive installed the kalyway 10.4.10 and theres heaps of startup programs

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