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[How to] install Bootcamp on any Windows version


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This is my first how-to, so bare with me. Im not sure if this is posted elsewhere, but Im doing it anyway :P.


Step 1: Grab the Macintosh Drivers folder. It has all the drivers, installers etc.


Step 2: If your trying to install it on a system other than XP Service Pack 2, it will complain saying it won't work. Well that one stop us for long. Navigate to http://www.jsware.net/jsware/msicode.php3 and scroll down Mbase-MSI Database editor and download the zip file to your desktop.


Step3:Extract the folder and open MBase Editor.hta you can read the info sheet if you want, i didn't find anything too fascinating with it.


Step 4: File-> Open database(MSI) and select Bootcamp.msi, its under Drivers/Apple of the drivers folder.


Step 5: On the left side of the window, there is a drop down list called Tables: select LaunchConditions


Step 6: when the table loads, you see the values that Apple has (either NT501 or NT600) standing for the various conditions it requires. Go to Edit>Delete table


Step 7: confirm the table was deleted as it will go to the next table on the list. You can reload the msi file to verify that you deleted the right one, if you screwed up, you can always just grab the msi file from the Boot Camp disk image.


Step 8: double click BootCamp.msi on your mac and it will install normally :(. Works on Windows Server 2003 SP2


Your done, I'll upload a screenshot in a little bit, I screwed up my keyboard I think as I didnt properly uninstall Input Remapper beforehand.


EDIT: Some drivers may not install automatically. Check device manager and use the manual installs provided by Apple, located in the drivers folder. I couldn't get Bluetooth to install, windows says it doesnt have a required section in the INF.

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