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toshiba m60 laptop -macosx OK


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I installed Mac os x JAS 10.4.8 on my laptop toshiba M60


Intel centrino


ATI Xpress 600






Realtek 8139


IW2200 wireless


AC 97 sound ( excellent)




installation was smooth as silk, partioning my HD in triple boot vista, osx, pclinuxos(Using EasyBCD installed on Vista).


no problem at all,




until now did not work










Wireless some time yes, some not.






Ati graphics 1280x 800 I am trying to fix resolution but is very difficult for me, do not use displayX because after you need to reinstall osx again.




Update to 10.4.10 perfectly done , download the update from here: http://supportdownload.apple.com/download....0.4.10Intel.dmg




then follow this instructions :




Below are the steps to update your computer to 10.4.10: (except for GMA 900 or GMA 950)




first of all , repair permission on the disk !!!




1) Open up the terminal and type "sudo -s" then "your password" then the following (line by line):








cp /mach_kernel /old




cp -R /system/library/coreservices/loginwindow.app /




cp -R /system/library/extensions/AppleSMBIOS.kext /




cp -R /system/library/extensions/AppleACPIplatform.kext /




cp -R /system/library/extensions/AppleAPIC.kext /




cp -R /system/library/extensions/IOATAFamily.kext /




cp -R /system/library/extensions/system.kext /




2) Keep terminal open.




3) Open disk utility and keep it open




4) Run update file by Installer in the utilities (AND DO NOT RESTART---IGNORE THE INSTALLER WINDOW)




5) Open terminal and type the following:








cp /old /mach_kernel




cp -R /loginwindow.app /system/library/coreservices/




cp -R /AppleSMBIOS.kext /system/library/extensions/




cp -R /AppleACPIplatform.kext /system/library/extensions/




cp -R /AppleAPIC.kext /system/library/extensions/




cp -R /IOATAFamily.kext /system/library/extensions/




cp -R /system.kext /system/library/extensions/




rm -rf /system/library/extensions.*






6) Open disk utility and repair again permissions for your OS X partition








It' done !!!




It works very well and I installed a lot of new MAC software , try it.




Note I follow the instructions from






see in the forum: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;hl=bluetooth




toshbt.zip ( 19.52K )




to set up my internal bluetooth but it does not work, probably I made some mystake.




keep in touch








if someone can help to fix my not working hardware please feel freee and post or mail me.

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