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My External SATA drive is not working! Please Help. (P5W DH)


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I've installed OSX on my computer today. everything's working so perfect Except the External SATA port and jmicron's SATA port.


of course the external SATA drive is working just fine on WinXP. (after install the patch)


But in case of OSX, even after I've installed KoolKal's Jmicron Patch, It seems OSX can't find the external SATA drive.


and it doesn't recognize a SATA drive which installed on Jmicron SATA port either. (I don't want to use RAID hard. I just need one more SATA port for single SATA HDD)


So How can I solve this problem?


I set up the BIOS like this


ACHI ==> disable


jmicron mode==> basic (NOT ACHI)


is this right?



And here's my HDD /ODD list


2 seagate 500GB HDD (one for WinXP, one for OSX) & 1 ODD for ICH port (So I'm using full 3 ICH port)


1 seagate 500GB HDD for Jmicron port (not working)


1 external SATA HDD for External SATA port (not working)



mainboard: P5W DH



OSX installation


Jas 10.4.8 -> Jas 10.4.9 -> KoolKal 10.4.10


FCP2 and Motion3 is fully working



Please. someone help...


and sorry for my bad grammar. (i'm not english native)

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