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Ipod touch

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Hey all,


So there really hasn't been *that* much fanfare recently about the ipod touch. People say ' well it can do what the iphone does, but it can't make calls. '


OK.. so thats the dumbed down response, bear with me, its late.


So I've ordered an ipod touch, which comes to 508cdn, that is 449, plus taxes (exchange rate..) but its not here at the local apple store until the 28th.


What I really want from this device is the disk mode, from older ipods which seems to be non-existant, yet there is really no hard evidence saying that feature is gone. It also seems to be locked into only syncing from 1 computer - which would be my hackintosh here. But if I'm at another computer and just want to copy a few files to it, like you would any other thumbdrive - is that not possible?


Also, the wireless seems to have great range - can you listen to music, and surf simultaniously ? I'd have it on facebook, meebo so I can msn friends.. and have tunes playing. Can multiple apps run concurrently?


How is it as a PDA over an ipod - has the hackint0sh community been successful in implementing jailbreak on it for 3rd party applications?


It seems this little device has enormous potential, but - like all of apples products, has a few show stopping issues. - like the no ical entry.. not being able to jot notes on it.. I'm just hoping that those features become enabled, otherwise what good is it?


I have an offer on my comp and 360 of 1600 - am considering a macbook/imac - may even finance the difference to get one.


Just wanted to find out from you ipod touch owners / iphone owners out there what the real reviews were like.

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Hi OneTrack:


I was also considering buying an iPod Touch when it becomes available. I'd mainly use the CoverFlow for Music, Safari with Wifi and ocassionally browse the iTunes Music Store.


The iPod Touch should work with real Mac, OSx86 PC or even Windows as long as you have iTunes 7.4.x. But in order to use iTunes 7.4.x, you need to have Mac OS 10.4.9 or higher -or- Windows XP SP2 or higher.


Currently, my OSx86 PC is at 10.4.6 but everything works. My attempts to use 10.4.9 haven't been too successful yet. I could use Windows XP SP2 to synchronize the iPod Touch but I'd prefer to stay in the Mac environment.


--danyel :wacko:

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Hey so I bought one


Its frickin amazing.. what an insanely cool little device - i love it..


It sure hits the pocketbook - but the screen is remarkably clear - browsing on it is great - the facebook app is killer.


yea.. i sound like a fanboi.. eeek.. it works without problems on my hackint0sh


very very very very cool device.

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Mine will be on my hands tomorrow , cant wait !!!

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Hey folks ok.. I am typing this right now on my iPod touch. as I asked I guess I'll answer my own questions and some of yours. bear with me as I'm typing this with my big meat hand on a very small device.


ok. yes multiple apps at once - I have 4 pages open right now without any slowdown apparent

I am here, have the facebook app open, my bank website & craigslist.

flipping between apps is seemless and even to the home screen is 1sec @most.


Gmail works but its best going to the HTML version. I've had no issues sending, reading or viewing emails.

The screen is very bright & the clarity of it is phenominal.


Syncing to iTunes on hackintosh works without problems & the update to 1.1.1 was simple.


The youtube app does exactly as promised with very easy searching, I havnt noticed any buffering issues & no stutter in playback


Not being able to add iCal appointments is not a dealbreaker at all, since they are easily added on the comp and synced via iTunes. contacts can be added in the iPod so not enabling adding into calendar is just dumb.


Web browsing is great on this -as I say,browsing to this forum and posted this entire post from the iPod via wireless.


Again great device -space not an issue as I have 1000ish songs, at least 12 music vids, several podcasts & 5 full movies with space to spare + with youtube there is pretty much unlimited content.


full flash would be nice for games or peekvid-I wish it had a VNC client.


my verdict - get one!


Pros: Great screen, great browser on a small device, multi touch is cool, a lot of horsepower under the hood to run all the transitions / scaling and apps. Battery lasts an astonishingly long time. It works flawlessly as advertised.


Cons: in portrait mode touch keys are a little close together, no tactile feedback, only visual - Cant easily use it as a flash drive - must sync only compatible file formats to it via itunes - all .avi must be converted to .mp4 via a program like visualhub - only reads pdf's if you fool iphoto into thinking its a picture. No Flash / Java - only javascript - browser a bit unstable and have had it lockup and crash a couple times in the last 2 days.. screen goes black in the browser when something bad is about to happen.. I attribute this to maybe a low memory environment for rendering more advanced websites.


Having the ability to add contacts is great, but removing the ability to add events to ical is just blindly dumb on apples part. 3rd party apps are a must, no easy way to install them, jailbreak and apptapp does not yet work.


Verdict - an *almost* great device hampered by 5.00 earplugs and stupid apple management decisions.

But then, what else is new..


8.5 on a scale of whatever.

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