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ATi x1600 Dual -- no option?


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Hey everyone! This is sort of a hardware and software question.


When I was customizing my hackintosh, I specifically chose an ATi card because I assumed that since the iMacs at the time were shipping with x1600s, it would be fully compatible with OSx86; so I bought the ATi Radeon X1600 (PCIe). It has been working very well for me for the past few months, but now I would really, really like dual screens. I have a second monitor sitting right next to me, unused, and since I do a lot of web programming, it would be really nice to have Safari/Firefox on one screen and Coda or SubEthaEdit on the other.


Is it impossible? I have been searching on InsanelyMac for ages, every topic about dual screens on the ATi x1600 ends with no solution. I have also tried Natit (including an info.plist that's labeled "x1600 dual", what's with that?) with no avail. Currently, I do have QE and CI, which is nice, but when I do hook up that second monitor, it only mirrors.


If it is impossible, then I would like to know what you guys think the best video card is (probably an nVidia eh?) for dual-screens, and probably a similar configuration/price as the x1600 (pci-e of course).


Thanks a bunch!

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