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GUI scrolling Performance Adobe Bridge CS3


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I Installed a dual boot System with Windows XP Professional SP2 and Mac OS X 10.4.8 from a JAS DVD.


Adobe Bridge CS3 (trial) is running on both OS. The scrolling performance under Windows is fast and responsive. Like on a true light table, where you are moving real film stripes. The scrolling experience with Mac OS is somewhat edgy. The moving makes jumps and is not so responsive like under windows. the situation is somewhat better with smaller folders, with better control of the slide bar. But if you have a folder with 1000+ files, it is nearly impossible to scroll smooth with the mouse.


The Hardware is:


Asrock Conroe 945 DVI with onboard GMA 950

Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz

2 GB RAM 667 MHz 3,3,3,12

Apple Cinema Display at 1920 x 1200



Please give me some feedback on Your scrolling experience under OS X / Adobe Bridge. Is it better on faster Hardware or is it always not so fluent like on a Windows machine?


If it is a performance issue may it be the CPU power or the onboard graphics?


I am annoyed of the maintenance work associated with windows, viruses and other not so nice programs ;-(, so I consider switching to Mac. I use the machine mainly for photo processing of RAW images, music playing, web and office. If the Bridge experience is so limited, it is a no go for me. Google Picasa is a nice program, which is missing too. Swithing is as always a mixed bag of pros and cons.


The scrolling and image viewing with Picasa is better than bridge under windows too. Is there any comparable software for mac os besides shoebox?


Is there any alternative for Google Picasa or Truecrypt? I miss a small viewer instead of the operating system Preview - something like Irfanview on Windows. Where You view the pictures of an folder easily fullscreen and can go back and forth with keys or mouse?


I greatly appreciate Your input



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