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uphuck 1.3 and Rosetta and which 10.4.10 for a GA-965P-DS3?


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Hi. Uphuck 1.3 I'm thanks after a month of trying, I've found a 10.4.9 that works with a

GA-965P-DS3 rev. 1


It still has the Legacy mode problem with the drives though. You have to use the purple SATA slots put the OSX86 boot drive using the bottom purple SATA slot so if you added another drive like a Windows one, OS X will be able to detect it at full speed, not legacy mode. Uphuck 1.3 even detects PC networked to it as well as your CPU's overclock. Some 10.4.9 updaters don't detect these at all.


I'd like to try 10.4.10 maybe that will iron out the kink out of uphuck 1.3 and finally be able to use any slot, purple or orange at full speed (not legacy mode). Has anyone tried a 10.4.10 on the GA-965P-DS3 (rev. 1) without flaws (overclock detected, networked computers detected, no purple, orange SATA slot issue)? Thanks in advance. Gbu.



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