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Powerbook restart?


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Ok guys ive been hovering around for a little bit, finally purchased my own powerbook, 1.5ghz, superdrive 15" screen, AWESOME machine and everything was going good. Then i installed igrabnews, and started downloading some usenet stuff. And all of a sudden the computer would randomly tell me to restart the computer. So i would restart the computer and everything would be fine. Now the last time i restarted it the dark grey apple on the light grey screen will pop up and the clock/dial thing underneath the apple that shows its thinking/loading will go around in 2 complete circles and it will pop up the restart computer screen again. I have reset the pram, the nvram and all that stuff and im just curious as if anyone else has had this problem?? bought it from a reputable guy on ebay, no applecare left, just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this??? thanks guys




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