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Installation Problem 10.4.3 8f1111

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Hi !


I have an original Mac OS X 86 Tiger 10.4.3 8f1111 image

I converted it in iso with UltraISO and fix it with some maxus patch for my laptop


laptop acer travelmate 4100:

Intel Pentium M 730 (1,6ghz) (SSE2 support)

ATI Radeon Mobility X700 (Pci Express)

DD 60gb

512 DDR






Boot Loader Anti-SSE3 Patch


I see a ANTI-TPM patch but i don't understand how put it in the iso

because I have Windows XP and the installation guide is with Linux command prompt.


So i didn't use this patch.


Finally i burned the iso on a DVD and I try to install Mac OS X with a native install and a VMWARE Install.

In the both case I have a kernel panic error 0x0019C554 no debugger device after the DVD successfull boot and run Darwin Installer.




I dunno where is the mistake.


I wait for your precious help. Thanx a lot

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Acer TravelMate 240


Intel Celeron 2,5 GHz (SSE2 only PAE supported), 512MB RAM, Intel 855/ICH4, onboard Ensoniq AC97 Sound, 30GB HD, Intel 855GME OnBoard Graphics Engine and Rtl-8139, QSI CD Writer and DVD Reader.


I've installed a native 10.4.3 8F1111 from a DTK DVD modifyed with Wesley patch. I successfully updated it to a 8F1111g and a now i'm running a stable kernel v3a patched by maxxuss.


The PS2 Keyboard and trackpad are usable but i've to disable from the BIOS the USB Legacy Support.





Tip from: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL

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Thanx a lot !


I will try this wesley patch.


I try also the JaS 8F1111a generic patch. I pass the kernel panic 0x0019C554 but after the boot DVD check little longuer my config, I can see the apple logo with a circle which turn and after one minutes ~ A new kernel panic: 0x002B57B0

and before it tell me about "Sam Media failed read write" reapeted on five lines.


All help is welcome thanx !

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So... Welsey and JaS patch get the same result: the new kernel panic 0x002B57B0




I will try a new methode with the Maxxus patch and ANTI-TPM with tranceMac for modify the ISO


I post the result here. All help is welcome thanx a lot

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So poor me... With the ANTI-TPM and other patch of maxxus in my first post change nothing... Again i have the first kernel panic 0x0019C554...


I tried with the two optionals other patchs of maxxus fo RTC and th other stuff... That change nothing...


If anyone have an idea...


I go to bed =) lol

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A very good news: My laptop run with Mac OS X =) 10.4.3 Natively. In fact I must burn a 8F1111 dvd iso patched with JaS or Wesley Patch. It's odd but in Vmware it doesnt work but natively on my laptop no problem. I have all my hardware fullworking. I have song and internet (my ethernet card work).


Only one problem: Open Office doesn't want launch. I don't know why...


Thx everybody

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