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This'll be my first post here and I'm more than positive this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I go by Jared, and I'm new to the scene of OSx86. Having just gotten a new laptop with the latest junk installed on it, I decided to give this new world an exploration. Not only am I more than astounded at the improvement in the experience I have while using it, I'm more than motivated to contribute in some way.


However, that's more easily said than done. The main issue I've had in my venture thus far is driver support. Going into the whole thing I knew there'd be compatibility issues since Macs are basically a closed ecosystem.




My question now is about is the actual authoring of OS X drivers.


I've tinkered around with various coding languages although I'm not adept in any of the major players. My main area is web programming, but regardless, I'd love to learn. I really don't know where to start though so I was hoping this community could point me in the right direction. Google may be a useful tool for things like these, but I've found little to what I would consider helpful and it'd be encouraging to have a foot firmly on the ground.


What are drivers for OS X typically written in and/or compiled with? Is there anything I should be looking into specifically? The subject has always peaked my interest but until now I've not had the motivation to pursue that interest.



Hopefully I can eventually be of help, but everyone has to start somewhere :)

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