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DVD-RW DL with aluminium face

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It's plastic I think. I'm looking for aluminium. I want to buy this case and plastic drive will look ugly in this case.

I think that the "silver" face drives are made for exactly your application...to "match" a metallic finished case. I have an older Pioneer silver model in an Aluminum finished Gateway case and it looks fine to me.

You might look at the black version of the Silverstone case <http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811163050> as an alternative, and use a black face drive.


I've never seen an optical drive with other than a plastic front !


G :wacko:

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Hi - Coolermaster do a decent-quality alloy bezel: can only find one US supplier [image is of the earlier, uglier version].


Fact-lite review here; image of current version [at inflated UK price] here.


These things can be a hassle to fit if your optical device is slightly non-standard in layout [esp eject button placement/size] - I gave up, since I swap out buners every month or so, & have used the 'silver' [ie plastic] Pioneer DVR-111 & 112 & NEC/Optiarc 7170A - they look just about OK & the Pioneers are quiet when playing back CD/DVDs.

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