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[Help] PC suddenly shutdown!


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PC suddenly shutdown!


hello, i hoping for an help.

my hackintos profile

mainboard : Albatron PX865PE

procesors : pentium-4 2.8ghz

im using jas 10.4.8 ppf1+ppf2 upgraded to 10.4.10, using kernel 8.8.1 sse2.


if my cpu usage reach up maximum usage my pc suddenly shutdown.


can anybody help or give me a clue for this problem ..






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Hi I am running vista and tiger on my pc(core 2 duo,sse2/3).I tried the leopard installation guide(profit42 blog) succeeded in patching the original dvd 9a466 and got an iso image,size abt 4.4gb.What are the kexts which need to be added/removed? Cud u elucidate please.And the steps 37 and after return permission denied messages.If someone's tried it or the gentleman who posted this guide is hearing,could u please help me out?Any kind of help wud be appreciated.





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