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Dell Precision 380 install


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I know it's not in the compatible list but i thought i would give it a try anyway.


I tried to install uphuck 10.4.9 1.3 on a precision 380 that i had around. the install goes great, but when i try to boot i get stuck at the gray apple screen and am told to reboot. i rebooted with "-v" to see where it got stuck, and it gave me a kernel panic error. i don't seem to be able to get past this no matter what patches/drivers i install.


I can boot into osx if i put in the disk and put "rd=disk0s1". however, this isn't really a solution to my issue.


I also was not able to get the NIC working on it no matter how many guides i followed.


I didn't bother testing the sound yet.


I read the form and couldn't find anyone that has tried to install OSX86 on a Dell Precision.


If anyone has this setup working please let me know what you did.



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