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hang at "login window application started"


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I'm new with this mac osx86. I'm a linux guy :)

So here my problem, I've succefully installed Mac OSx86 JaS 10.4.7 on my AMD X2 3800 AM2, ECS Nforce4, Nvidia 7300GT 256Mb, Hdd PATA seagate 40Gb, USB Mouse and PS/2 Keyboard

but I found that my keyboard doesnt work during installation but it's fine installation run succesfully eventhough when finish and need restart my PC wont automatically res

art, dont know why....

so after restart I choose boot option "-v" to see all boot messages and then I found that my first boot was fail, it stuck at messages/step "login window application started" then it crash, it show me for a while (maybe for 3 second) a blue screen and some sound but after that it crash any idea?

if i try to use single mode option at boot I cant do much since my keyboard doesnt work

at installation I cant find a driver for my VGA card should it be a problem?


I have try "safe mode" but still crash/hang at "login window....."

and I have disable "usb legacy" at bios


really sorry for my english and thanx for any idea or comment :D

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