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Jas 10.4.9 to fast@video


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hi all! i think this is my first post in here! :) so i'm quite a beginner in hackintosh... ;)


and here is my problem...


i've installed the whole thing (jas 10.4.8 + update 10.4.9 ppf etc..) and everything works fine but the videoplayback.

it's simply a little bit too fast. the same thing happens, when i play a game (xmoto) it's (compared to my ubuntu linux) too fast!


in videos like 1.25X speed...


my system:

C2D E6600

Asus p5w dh

msi 7900gto -> flashed quadro fx 5500

2GB ram


i've followed the guides by http://mckill.ca and the www.macvidia.com (nvidia)


About Mac says:

Mac OS X 10.4.9 (8P2137)

Darwin 8.9.1


video driver:

Natit 1.0



anybody any suggestions?




videos played with mplayer and vlc ... (dvd/xvid ... i've tried several)



i've just recognized that my clock runs too fast as well... :D



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what do you mean with "setting the fsb"? in bios? or what?


my fsb is fixed in the bios (Asus Juperfree...) but i've enabled eist (Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology)... and my "about this mac" shows "1.8 GHZ Core 2 Duo" instead of 2.4 GHZ...

but i'm not shure if this was only a vlc bug... because with mplayer it works now... and i'm not shure about the game thing anymore... maybe it a different implementation on mac??? or the macdrivers for nvidia are faster???


what i've seen was, that the videoplayback in vlc was to fast, and anytime i've changed the windowfocus (like swiching focus between firefox and vlc) the playback became even faster for 2-3 seconds.


i've heard that there is something like a timing patch??? is that right?

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OK! i've found a solution!!!


i installed another kernel! the 792.18.15-SSE3-netkas-64bitFix!!! i got it from irc chat.osx86.hu channel #kernel...


everything looks good now! no problem with vlc anymore, no clock problem no gameproblem....


:(:) :) :D

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