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512 MB Video Card

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Hey Everyone,


Was reading about how to fix my resolution as its stuck at 1024x768 and I read that Nvidia 512 mb cards dont work!!


Of course this happens, but I'm wondering if anyone know's a way to get around it?


Ive searched around for the nitat and titan but I'm not sure..


I'm using the Nvidia Gforce7950Gt Version


Anyone help?

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Just type in your wanted resolution in the com.Apple.Boot.plist file in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

I've got a 8800GTS with 640MB and it worked for me... you likely wont have QE and CI enabled but the resoultion should be fine...


<key>Graphics Mode</key>


EDIT: Related Thread

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Check out www.aqua-mac.com. Everything you need should be there. Best of luck.






Alright, after finding a floppy drive and flashing the bios I got a few results.


The first one i nstalled natit .02 after flashing and got a black screen.


booted up in vista and deleted the natit files from sys/lib/ext and now im back.


in my about info mac


my video card is recgonized as "nvidia 7950gt 512 meg"


yet ci and qe are not supported...


did anyone have better results with natit 01?

or perhaps diabolik?


thanks guys

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