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Apple Backup for the rest of us

Paulo Greimel

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Just created a trial account and downloaded the Apple Backup 3 app. Works on trial mode, limited to 100mb per backup. That is really annoying. I tried to create a http server using this guide to "emulate" .Mac (So backup would work in full mode, backing up to discs and your http server), tried to do it all night but couldn't get it. I am completely newbie in apache stuff. Maybe we could hack something in Apple Backup app to make it full, instead of trial, backing up to the HD and to discs. Anyone with this kind of knowlegde to help?


Thank you




P.S.: I also need help, I you want to help, on tutorials (etc) on this apache and web_dav stuff for Mac or Darwin. Maybe if I study a lot this I could get my personal http web_dav enabled server to act like .Mac.

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