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MAYA 1010 Delta 1010 ESP 1010 PCI AUDIO

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I am new on mac over pc , I am from argentina here is very dificult to access to mac beacuse everything is very expensive,so this is great thank every one!!

Now I am having a problem with my PCI maya 1010 wich is the same as the delta 1010 and esp also the m-audio 1010. the board are identicals so the driver should be the same.

the problem I have is that my mac osx do not recognise my board, i tried with the last version driver for the esp1010 and the board was detected but didnt work, i dont know what to do, I do not know a lot of programing staff so i am not able to make a driver.

Can anyone help us? The very best use of this pc'mac would for home cheap studios and there must be a lot of user with this board because is cheap.

thank very much and hope someone could help us! sorry for my bad english!


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