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What is going on? Help!

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Hi :) I have JaS 10.4.8 AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2 and in the time boot appears oneself the announcement

system config file'/com.apple.boot. plist' not found :( and he does not work me then -v and -x. VMware is In the programme he works me identically only there -v and -x but he arrests oneself on some mistakes.

This is screens:








I installed from HD Drive on VMware I have still versions 10.4.6 but it is so as earlier.

My configuration:


Asus P5B

Celeron D 356

HD - Seagate 250 GB,16 MB, Sata II - ST3250620AS

Galaxy Geforce 7300 GT 256 MB Zalman Edition 1.2ns

2x Kingston 1024 667 MhZ CL5

DVD - BENQ DVD DD DW/1650 - Connected by IDE


I ask for the help.

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OK, I installed OS X successfully in VMware using the same ISO as you. I wrote a guide on it. View it here:




Follow the exact steps and you should be OK.


One thing I see you doing wrong is that your Guest OS is set to Windows XP Professional, by the looks of the screenshots. Change the Guest OS to: Other, FreeBSD


Also make sure that you have the line


However, the EXACT cause of your problem is: You are mounting the OS X ISO in VMware. VMware does not support this. If you want to mount the ISO, mount it on a different programs such as Daemon Tools or Virtual Clone Drive (both free).


You can also burn the ISO to DVD, insert the DVD, and install from that onto VMware.


Also make sure that you have the line paevm="true" added to your VMX configuration file.


If you have any more problems, feel free to post back.

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I dont get what you're saying. Did 10.4.8 work as I said in my guide?


In the 10.4.8 screenshot, everything looks fine. It says "Still waiting for root device", thats normal. It will take a few minutes for the installer to start. As for the 10.4.6 freezing on the boot screen, try all these solutions:


-Install only the basic patch for your CPU and noting else

-Disable Networking

-Update VMware to the latest version

-Try booting Mac OS X in single user mode (Click inside VMware window, Hold Windows key + S when Mac OS X starts)

- Change the line scsi0.present="TRUE" in the VMX file to "FALSE"

- Also try this: remove the scsi0.virtualDev = "lsilogic" line from the VMX file


Post back if there are any problems and explain your problem CLEARLY.

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I already installed but there is from new the installation after renewed starting. Do I have to do what? The installation ran favourably.


EDIT: I started and this jumped out ;)



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:) He already works me but very, one may very much he walks :P the system starts 2 times more slowly from XP and one may cannons very much, how to alter this ?? and why I have only 1024x768 ?? and as to do to start the system from boot after starting the PC ??


He thanks you for the help in the installation as only very much you helped me - BIG BIG THANKS :)

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You're very welcome.


That the speed is slow there's not really much you can do about, but heres something you can do:


-Go to my guide: http://pcwiz.50webs.com/windows/vmwareosx86.htm

-Scroll down until you see 'Collection of speed-up tips'

-Read and follow the tips there and you MIGHT get a speed boost


The resolution is stuck at 1024x768 because VMware Tools can't be installed on OS X or at least no one has found a way yet. You can't get any higher resolution unless you install OS X native on your computer. ^ ^

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Sorry I took so long to get back,


You can install OSx86 native on your computer without VMware exactly the way you are saying. Running native is a million times faster.




There is a way to change the resolution to any resolution you want by modifying com.apple.Boot.plist


Use the link below in my signature to get to my blog (PCWiz Blog). Find the post about changing resolution and follow the instructions.

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