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laptop shuts down immediatelly


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after lots of tries (machine shuts down immediatelly) i could install osx86 on my Acer travelmate 4403lmi laptop it runs great the ati mobility x700 but i still have the problem it shuts down immediatelly without any error, this happens in BIOS too. When i boot Kubuntu 7.04 i get an error

MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-Apic... what does that mean? in Kubuntu and Windows XP that doesnt happen any time... maybe it means it doesnt understand OSX86 as an OS and shuts down when there is inactivity? help plz...the windows xp cd and a backup cd from acer shuts down after an while too... whats the matter`?? :):blowup:

i heard of that means the mainboard has an defect... but wouldnt windows XP or Kubuntu shut down then too? the CPU is a AMD Turion 64 ml-32 i think this is a good hardware combination...it works fine...until it shuts down


edit: ohh forgot system version: its mac os 10.4.4


OSX86 is great! :blowup:

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