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Partitioning Question


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I have a 160 Gb external drive partitioned in order like this:

200 Mb EFI Partition [invisible]

59 GB "temp" (was originally used for time machine on an early leopard beta, currently used for my video camera captures from imovie)

89 GB "multimedia" (for all my music and movies, and a few huge apps)

128 Mb "reserved" [invisible]

128 Mb "reserved" [invisible]


I backed up everything from "temp" (the partition i wanna get rid of) to my new empty ipod and the multimedia partition. I have iPartition. The only problem is, in the warnings box, it warns me that it will have to move the second partition, which may take a long time. And Id rather it not. Alot of valuable data will be hanging in limbo, about 80 somethin' gigs of music, videos, and captured video, and thats the last thing I want. Any ideas (even if they involve another utility or program)?


side note: the partition table has gone through hell. I have shrunken and enlarged and added and removed partitions before on this drive (only for leopard once or twice), so is there a bigger risk because of that? I have used diskwarrior to rebuild the drive when a force-restart rendered my "multimedia" partition unmountable after itunes froze, and i have techtool pro 4.5 (although i havent really used it for anything yet).

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