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full (and simple) explenation on how to install


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hey, im real new at this and i dont really understand how all this works but i want to install osx on my pc


heres my comp specs:


amd64 3500+

vnf4 w/ nforce4, ac97

1g of ramm

geforce 6200tc 256mb


so im thinking of installing tubgirl's 10.4.10 but i dont even know if i can dl it. the torrent doesnt work for me, so i was wondering if there would be any good ones thatll be compatible with my pc.


plz help :(

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do a md5sum of the iso and check if it matches... with the one provided at the torrent site you downloaded from.


*Prepare the DVD

----> Burn the ISO using CloneDVD at very slow speed say 1x


*Prepare the OSX partition

----> Using windows disk manager or 3rd party Software create a primary partition for OSX ( > 8GB )

- If you want to install OSX with Windows then the OSX partition can be the second Primary Partition next to Windows


*Install OSX

-----> [Create OSX partition]

- Once the Installation DVD boots up and bring you the Installation Dialog, open up the "disk utility" from the top menu.

- Open Utilities -> Disk Utility

- Select the OSX partition you created and then choose the "Erase" option and erase it with "Mac Extended Journal" Filesystem.

- The Partition will be marked "Active"... if not then you can do it later from windows or 3rd Party Disk utility.

-----> [Make Your Choice]

- Continue with Installation and check for the Installation Options

- In the Option Dialog choose:

- NV40

- AMD ..... (stuffs saying AMD.. i can't remember)


Well, Am very sure about the First two Steps ( "Prepare the DVD" & "Prepare the OSX partition" ). Installation part, i think there are lots of people here who can help you out. Good Luck.

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