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Problems after reboot


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hey all, so I've been at this for a few hours with no luck. when I first boot up the disc, I get a few errors like 'waiting on root device' but after a while it finally boots up. disk utility detects my hard drives just fine.


so I'm thinking that I could have potentially messed up a few times on the partitioning. I hit erase from the top (the actual disk) instead of the volumes/partitions. I'm not really sure what's going on. when I boot up that osx install dvd, I see 2 partitions (and do remember this is an empty 320GB hard drive,) EFI, and iHack (the volume I created . . .) when I try booting it, the LED representing loading for about 10 seconds then it stops, and I can see the blinking underscore of the bios.


I've reformatted this over 8 times . . . and I've managed to install OSX on this machine before. I tried the same thing with uphucks release too, same thing . . .

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